Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have started using Edmodo with my students. Edmodo is a free educational communication site. Teachers can create a profile without having a code to join. Students must have a code from a teacher to create a profile and join a site. Once they have a profile, they can add groups (classes) just by getting the code for the new class. It is a fantastic site that allows for frequent communication between teachers, teachers and students and students to students. The teacher who formed the group/class has control over who joins and stays a member of the class, and can delete or edit any entries made.

It has a calendar that can communicate with the different groups and assignments can be graded and responded to online.

Overall, it has become a great tool for my students. They have been working with upcoming vocabulary as a previewing tool. They are learning how to respectfully respond to their peers ideas.


  1. Meg,
    I have never used Edmodo but I think it's a great concept. The calendar is a great tool and idea so that the students and teacher are all on the same page, same schedule and everything, no matter where they are. I think the fact that they are learning to respectfully respond to ideas of their peers is important, and a great comment.

  2. I will have to check out this tool. I am looking for a better way to communicate with my students and have them talk to each other. I know that they do talk about what they do in my different sections since they always come in and tell me when they are doing something different than the other sections. But this might get some of the more quiet students to respond to their classmates in their section and the students in other sections. I will have to check and see if this site will also show photos. Then my students could do critiques on other photos.